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Jesse H. Downing
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I'm Jesse - your above-average loon! I love being happy and making others happy c:
God bless you all!

Things to know about me:
- I both love and hate people
- I'm a total fanatic and nerd
- I like being random
TAGGED BY: :iconthehoneybird:

1) You must place these rules.
2) Each Person Must Write 10 Facts About themselves.
3)You must tag 10 people.
4)Go to their homepage and inform them that they have been tagged by u. Tag the peoples now
5)Not something like "You have been tagged if you read this"
6)Pick ten people and put their icons in their journal.
7)You can't say I don't do tags
8)No tag back.
9) You must make a journal entry.
10)You must answer and ask 10 Questions

Facts about me
1. My name is Jesse
2. I'll be 17 next month
3. I have anxiety problems
4. I'm bullcrapping these facts rather than providing you with hilarious and uplifting things about myself
5. I care too much about my friends
6. I feel really, really old
7. I'm so glad school will be out in two days ;V;
8. I'm not so glad I still have 12th grade and then 4 years of college to go OTL
9. I am very scatterbrained
10. I need hugs

Laura's Questions
1. Do you have any pets?  Tell me about them.
I have some fish. They swim.

I have two german shepherds. One is white, and one black. The white one is a girl named Echo and the black one is a boy named Loki.
Echo is overactive, but she's calmed down since we got Loki (I think they wear each other out lololol)

I also have a blue and gold macaw named Japser. He's older than I am, and he screams. We got him when I was in eighth grade, and we're giving him back to his original owner's niece Monday (who would have got him in the first place, but she didn't have a house at the time).

2. Who is your favorite artist on dA?
My friend Shayan :iconteatime-rabbit:
His art is fooking amazing.

3. What is your favorite genre of music?
I don't really have a favorite genre. I just listen to anything that sounds good. Sometimes I like things really upbeat, and sometimes I like really depressing, emo shet. (I don't listen to music a lot though so)

4. Who is your favorite superhero? (Say someone from DC and you're dead to me.)
I don't read superhero comics XD or watch the movies or the cartoons or anything

5. Any special plans for the summer?
Sleep. Eat. Play video games. Try to slow the dying process.

Y'know, like every other student on the planet.

6. Last book/comic/manga/whatever you read! Go!
I read the Minecraft combat handbook earlier. But that's some doodie XD
I finished reading Beloved a week or two ago. We were reading it for English 12.

7. Last movie you saw?  Did you like it?
Willy the Sparrow. It was pretty good. I learned that sparrows have lice, not fleas.

I also learned that when they dub a Hungarian movie in English, they put zero work into making the lips look synced.

8. Favorite TV show? (anime/cartoons count)
At the moment? Steven Universe, Chalkzone, Gumball, Regular Show, and the Boondocks. I need to get back into watching Doctor Who XD

Also, I said Chalkzone because I've been watching it in the evenings while exercising. If I were to name all of my favorite shows, this list would never end.

9. What's your favorite color?

10. Do you like my icon? :iconlazeflirtplz:
It's total booty. ;)


1. Have you ever been unintentionally racist? And then somebody points it out and you're like "oh... that's racist?"
2. Have you ever given blood before? If so was it in an cultish room with people dressed up as vampire and chanting in the background?
3. Are you different online than you are IRL? How so, if so?
4. How was your day today?
5. Do you live a double life? Have you ever thought about living a double life?
6. Are you jealous of other people's art?
7. Do you feel tired a lot?
8. What's your view on other human beings?
9. What is your favorite form of potato?
10. _____ is love. ______ is life.

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